Cloudflare Redirect

Hello Guys,
I’m wondering how you are able to remove the Redirect from the Firewall setting “Under attack”!
To make the “Checking your browser before accessing” redrect to LINKHERE . com/ instead of LINKHERE . com/?cf_chl_jschl_tk=19fcf8a1df25fbdb1784ad6494385fa95a77421c-1609768457-0-AXUtwB20H8awYc5FHQLd7_eMWs3YJIm_4H-p0B6HvneUlIKFmaRKE1K9PDH_agPqOkPkgnKVXh5hYonPZmvQCChP85jZrheQcGqb6McC1OpoFrUz62VlYDQ9QsPe3aZeId5UEvjaTMGicrU1EQYiZIb-VOvbp34cyD4Ue4_8H71uy0mDJsg1F6GOTplhSFdTxRO65fpBu example.
Thanks :slight_smile:
Regards Allan

Hi @allanbusinessroblox,

This is part of the JS challenge, and you can’t disable it unless you remove the challenge, or disable Under Attack Mode.

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