Cloudflare Redirect 301 and 302 error and 201 ok to visit

Can you describe the steps to reproduce?

It is always better if you describe your issue, steps to reproduce, expected behavior, actual behavior, and the error you are seeing. This Community forum will automatically link your details to docs that will help. Images are interesting, but not as valuable as a written description.

You post has the 4th item you should include, but is missing a lot of the details we need.

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The domain is
When I access the domain above it
Redirects to

Both domains are setup in Cloudflare.

Have talked with GoDaddy specialists they refer me to Cloudflare.

When is accessed it should not redirect to a different domain. I have restored a prior backup of the site, that has not helped. GoDaddy said it’s a DNS redirect issue in Cloudflare. DNS is above my pay grade!

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Thank you for the details. The above :point_up: domain does not appear to be using cf.

:point_up_2: is that the name of the domain?

If so, go to for both & Specifically, look at the DNS A (for Address) record value. The value is an IP address. If the A records called & have the same value (IP Address), they are pointing to the same location. There is no re-direct happening, that is just where the address records indicate the sites are located.

To fix this, contact your hosting provider and ask them for their IP address for the site and then click Edit by the DNS A record called and replace the value with the value your hosting provider gives you.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate your assistance with this!

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