CloudFlare recognizes the wrong nameserver


I’am new on Cloudflare and I currently try to add my domain on Cloudflare. I get since one week the following message:

But looking on my control panel of my domain-hoster and a whoIS request, it shows me that everything was correct:

The domain name is

Thank you in advance!

Your domain appears to be suspended by the registry

You need to clarify this with the registrar.

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Alright, I will contact my registry!

Thank you for your help!!! :smiley:

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My registry sends me today a mail that the clientHold was removed by ASCIO.

But Cloudflare still recognizes the wrong nameservers like on the picture!

Hi @pcplayer, sorry for the issue you’re hitting. It looks like that message cleared. If you check your audit log, you’ll notice there is an indication from 2 hours ago that the name servers were confirmed and the zone is active.

Next, you don’t have any DNS records, I suspect we could not perform the scan while the domain was suspended. Easy to fix, check out this tutorial on adding DNS records, Adding DNS Records.

Please post back and let us know how it’s going.


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