Cloudflare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding your site

(“the Unauthorized Site”), hosted by you, infringes upon exclusive intellectual property rights of TradeStation Technologies’ registered TradeStation® trademark for its Internet-based software and securities brokerage. Registration No[s]. [2724951, 2015903 are incontestable and serve[s] as conclusive evidence of TTI’s exclusive rights in the TradeStation mark.] We request that the site be immediately disabled and hosting terminated.

We have good faith belief that the use of the trademark(s) described above in connection with the domain and URL(s) described above is not authorized by TTI or its agents, and therefore such use is not otherwise permissible under applicable law. The Unauthorized Site infringes upon copyrights and trademark rights held by TTI in its site located

Accordingly, unless we receive written confirmation from you within five (5) days of the date of this e-mail that the unauthorized site will be immediately disabled and hosting terminated, we will pursue appropriate legal action. If you have any questions regarding this notice or need any additional information in order to disable the content and terminate hosting please indicate such in your email response.

After receive that email I am unable to access my hosting and website to delete that article. Now how to active my website?
I just remove that url from my webmaster tool.
Please help me.

Are you getting a Cloudflare error or an error from your host? It is possible your host got the same email

After getting this email my site is disabled. Now How to delete that article ?

Unless 5 days have passed that e-mail seem to say they would nothing, I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not gonna comment further.

Contact your host and/or a lawyer.

You need to contact your host to figure out how to access until you are getting a block page from Cloudflare.

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First I need to active my website. Its very important for my audience. How I can take action for this situation?

Is it possible to active from hosting company?
Why they disable within 10 minute after sending this email to me?

They could wait for few hours to delete that content from my website.

It’s totally useless continuing to insist on this with us.

We are outside both processes here. Contact the host, Cloudflare (as prescribed by the e-mail) and/or a lawyer.

This thread is gone way longer than necessary.