Cloudflare received a phishing report regarding your site

I have received an email from Netcraft / Cloudflare and it says " Cloudflare received a phishing report regarding your site."

I have domain and hosting from Namecheap and DNS is from Cloudflare.

I called to Netcraft and asked them they said to contact Namecheap and remove malware files.
I contacted Namecheap they could not find any malware in the hosting.

Just say you know, I don’t have any online payment process on the website. And I never had any type of payment process.
I the Netcraft report shows the error actually all of them theme base and plugin base JabaScript files which is part of the website template design.

Netcraft Issue Number: 33810992

I will really appreciate it if you help to fix the issue.
Thank you

I assume their report contains contact information but if not, try reach out to them with the details here:

They’re not affiliated with Cloudflare so we can’t really help here with their scanning/reports.


Thank you so much KianNH for your reply, I really apprichate your help.
they send me a report all those files is the mail files for the theme we use. The site is breaking when we remove those files from Cpanel! My hosting confirmed to me there is no malware but Netcraft still says to remove the reported files! Cloudflare not responding my email and there is no one to chat. It’s a very frustrating situation when they point at one other.

By the way, I have another question. The restriction is from Netcraft or from Cloudflare?

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