Cloudflare re-directing to old site

(will use fake sites for examples)

Have had my domain registered on GoDaddy for a couple of years:

Created a Synology Reverse Proxy address for a self-hosted app:

I had GoDaddy DNS forward to

Recently, I wanted to make the switch to Cloudflare to handle my DNS.

Before I changed my nameservers on GoDaddy, I deleted the aforementioned DNS forwarding. Once deleted, I changed the GoDaddy nameservers to the Cloudflare-provided ones.

I set up a Zero-Trust tunnel for that same self-hosted app and had it referenced as, which directly connects to the app itself, so my Synology Reverse Proxy is no longer needed.

However, when I go to, it still redirects to

I would like to load (not redirect)

There is no reference to on Cloudflare, so I’m confused as to why it’s still there. GoDaddy says it’s a Cloudflare issue now.

I’m new to this, so apologies if this doesn’t make complete sense.

How do I fix?