Cloudflare Ray ID

where’s Cloudflare Ray ID search?
There should be a place to put in the ID code and see what the problems is.

I have been fooling around with my firewall and now can’t save in my website’s administrator section. It would be logical if I could put in the code somewhere and see what happened.

Then you should see it in Firewall Events Log:

Thanks, I didn’t expect it to be a filter.
I just now went to the site and produced the error.
Now I put the ID in and get 0 events.

It may take a minute or so for events to appear in the search sometimes. Have you tried again now?

It goes straight to 0 events.
I have now paused Cloudflare so I can work. My partner will be back soon. He has a deep understanding of the issue. ME? I clicked too many firewall options. Senior guy, lots of knowledge but I shouldn’t have done that.

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Give the Audit Log a check at the top of It might ring some bells.

Thanks for the help guys. I got it all figured out with your assistance.

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