Cloudflare Ray ID: 83fbf170fb722d51, you have been bolcked

i have been blocked when i tried to proceed my school payment, now i can not pay my school fee and it is vert soon to the end day, please help me!!!

my Cloudflare Ray ID is 83fbf170fb722d51
my email address is [email protected]
thank you for your help!!!

Website owners can literally do what they want to do with their websites, that’s beyond the control of Cloudflare, even when the website owner choose to use Cloudflare.

Contact the website owner, and at the bare minimum, include the Ray ID you see on the error page, and they will be able to dig deeper in to the situation with you.

If the phrase below “Sorry, you have been blocked” says “You are unable to access”, and that is the domain name of your school, it will be the school that can look up the details for the blocking, based on the Ray ID you see, as well as eventually adjust the rules for their website.

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