Cloudflare Ray ID: 68be96709dd118fa

Can someone help me on this error please? Also, when I go to firewall and then filters, there’s an entire array of filters listed within the last 24 hours and labeled as Cloudflare Ray ID: xxxxxxxxxxx whereby xxxxxxxxx…are different numbers and letters. How do I fix these?

I’m not sure what your issue is exactly. What issue have you seen? The Ray IDs are unique identifiers for the requests, each request has a different ID.

Above is a screenshot of the error report. It throws the error when we try to checkout on cart page for a specific product only. All other products are fine. Not sure you can open the jpeg file. If not, please let me know how to correct that

Looks like there’s an error in your PHP code. This is not a programming forum so we cannot help you with that here. You’re best going to StackOverflow

Thank You! We will proceed to StackOverflow

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