Cloudflare rate limiting Google bot

I am facing high host connectivity issues in google console When I look into the server it works fine but when I look into the firewall event. I found that google Bots are blocked because of rate-limiting. How can I allow Good bots from rate-limiting?

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By default Cloudflare should not be rate-limiting GoogleBot - we have Google Bot globally allowed to not be challenged by rate-limtinig.

Just to confirm, you are using our Rate-limiting product and you are seeing seeing in our firewall events Google Bot being rate-limited?

There is a way to confirm if a Google Bot is genuine, rather than someone just simulating GoogleBot by setting the user-agent Googlebot Verification | Google Search Central  |  Google Developers

Do you have IP Address from the firewall events that you are seeing Google Bot be challenged?

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Yes, I have checked. Its google bot ip. Please find the ip and firewal event screenshot below

i.p -

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I see GoogleBot being rate limited when accessing cdn-cgi/rum on my own domains. I have no rate limiting rules configured on any of these domains.

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Unfortunately the screenshot is no longer available. I suspect this would be a good one to raise as a support ticket so can take a look. If you can raise a ticket and quote the ticket number here, I will follow up with you via the support ticket.

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