Cloudflare rate limiting and preventing hot linking while both are off

Using Cloudflare APO, I’ve suddenly started to see errors in Google Console that several pages on my website are not mobile friendly. Upon running the Mobile Friendly test, I can see that many CSS and JS files are not loading and the formatting is funky.

Upon investigating what’s causing this, I see several firewall entries blocking Google with Rate Limiting, as well as hot link blocking. What’s unusual is that I have both features turned off. Furthermore, I’ve had no issues using APO prior to this issue coming up.

I haven’t changed any settings except for updating to Wordpress 5.9. Is anyone else having this issue? For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to submit a support ticket to get someone at Cloudflare to be aware of this in case it’s not an isolated user issue.

Any help is appreciated as I dread the thought of my hard work at SEO may disappear…

Hi @user15825 can you please open a support ticket and post the ticket id here?


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Hi there, can you help me on how to submit a ticket please? I tried the “Submit a request” from within, but it gives me suggested topics to read after I enter information. I can’t find a place to submit a ticket. I think my inability to submit a support request is due to being on the $5/month APO plan that sits on top of the free plan.

Just write an Email to support[AT]cloudflare[DOT].com with the title “APO falsly activates Hotlink protection”. Once you got a Ticket ID post it here.

The ticket number is 2360722.

Thanks for your help!

Thank you. M4rt1n has escalated your ticket number.


Hi there. I haven’t seen any updates or emails from Cloudflare. Is there any way to know if this is being looked at? I see more mobile usability issues showing up in Google, and more rate limiting showing on the firewall log.

Just wanted to follow up on this post with some conclusion. Cloudflare reached out to me for questions and I replied. There was no follow-up since, however the issue appears to be resolved as there are no longer any firewall events for rate limiting or hotlink protection. Thankfully, Google is once again sending traffic to the site at normal volumes.

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