Cloudflare rate limit is not working

Hi All,
I am trying to configure the Cloudflare rate limit. I have created the Cloudflare custom rule and added the following details:

  • Rule name
  • Traffic protocol - Http & Https
  • Resource - domain-name/resource-exact-path
  • From the same IP 2 requests exceed per 1 minute
  • Then block visitor for 1 minute

I have deployed the above rule into Cloudflare. But still, I can able to make unlimited requests from my host machine. The Cloudflare is not blocking me.
Please let me know if I am missing something. Does Cloudflare take time to deploy my rules or Do I need to configure something into the Cloudflare firewall?

Two alternatives that I see here:

  1. is the host active on Cloudflare, with the proxy (:orange:) active in the DNS page?
  2. does your computer have some specific IP in the hosts file so that it bypasses Cloudflare?

A few seconds normally, no more than that.

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Thanks Matteo.
By activating proxy for my DNS solved my issue.