Cloudflare randomly closing websocket connections with 1006

We recently started using cloudflare in the flexible mode to proxy WebSocket connections to our servers

  • Today we saw a major regression where WebSocket connections after being started were instantly closed with err code 1006, after around 3-5 reconnections the socket connection would stop closing

This caused backpressure on the system handling constant reconnections , and not using cloudflare as proxy seems to have solved it

this re-connection would happen very rarely , but today regressed majorly

Looking for a solution to helping mitigate this

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For the past six months we’ve been having serious issues with websockets as well. Connections in specific regions are being closed with 1006 at regular intervals of 40-60 seconds. For certain clients it’s impossible to stay connected to our application for any longer than this.

Our application has thousands of concurrent users so we’re pretty in tune with what’s happening and can confirm there’s a new-ish issue with disconnects.


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