CloudFlare Railgun + CloudFlare Load Balancers = Impossible?

Has anyone had any luck using both Railgun and Cloudflare Load Balancers together?

I was first told by Cloudflare support that it can be done by adding an additional server. I did this and it didn’t work. I tried to get more information and then was told I needed to be on the Enterprise plan so they could figure out how to enable both together ?!!!?!?!?! I already pay for both features separately and have the most basic setup possible with them both. I was then told to switch from Railgun to Argo (I already use both and they optimise different things).

Cloudflare support keeps telling me it CAN be done, but will not tell me HOW it’s done. Giving up on going around in circle with them. Has anyone managed to get this working at all?

For what exactly? A second rg-listener?

I guess you already tried this one?

Yeah to move the rg-listener to another server from the 2 being load balanced. It doesn’t work though as you’d need to put the rg-listener in front of the load balancer in that setup and I don’t see how you can loop back to Cloudflare for that.

Neither of the configs mentioned here work with Cloudflare Load Balancers as far as I can tell as it requires there being a single local IP for the Load Balancer

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