Cloudflare Radar - & ARE PERFECTLY SAFE

Hello there,

We are posting here because our 2 domains got attacked last December (2022).

We DID clean the sites with ImunifyAV.
Both & are perfectly safe and malware, of other threats, free.

Still the block from Cloudflare still persists 2 months later. (I would put more pictures but I am a new user here).

Here is the last scans a few minutes ago.

Please remove the false flags on our domains.

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May I ask if you’ve tried to select and re-submit a new and a correct category for both of your domains already? :thinking:

Seems to me like they’re miscategorized.

I’d like to suggest you to use a Feedback form as follows at the links from below:

However, there is still something being reported or blacklisted here, but it shouldn’t have impact on Cloudflare Radar:

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Yes I tried to categorize using the feedback form (I searched the forum first) but it went wrong multiple times.

Well If you look closely you will se that no threat are found.

I have spend so many hourts of my life going to EVERY antivirus service to allowlist our domains. Maybe McAfee need extra care.

Kindly, could I suggest you to write a ticket to Cloudflare support due to your domains and miscategorization, therefore share your ticket number here with us so we could escalate it to our colleagues for assistance.

It could happened that there is some issue or delay, which needs to be checked.

Login to Cloudflare Dashboard and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Support → Contact Support button.

Well, it seems that apparently I have to submit to a category that doesn’t fit with my problem.

Any suggestions on where should I submit?

Try “account” despite it isn’t the correct one, if it passes maybe? :thinking:

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If not, comment back @a.vlachos and I can flag this thread for the team. I have already added a tag to this topic to alert my colleagues about not being able to file radar tickets.

Well I did it into Registar, for some reason. Here it is:

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Thank you @a.vlachos I have added myself to your ticket and reopened it 2715141.


@a.vlachos could you try submitting another feedback request and let us know if it was successful?

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I Just did , but It wasn’t. Will this feedback resolve my problerm? My problem is that right now, our site stayed flagged by your comany, without a reson.

At least according to URLhaus database. got us unblocked yesterday I suppose.

What do we have to do to unblock our sites please.

Thank you for trying, we’ll alert the team.

@a.vlachos I let the team know you are still encountering this issue. While we wait for their reply, can you try from incognito mode and/or a different browser to see if it’s successful? The team had seen this issue last week and issued a fix. The fact you are encountering the issue makes me suspect a regression or perhaps something cached on your machine.

I tried with firefox also… no luck.

I don’t know why can’t a team member resolve that. Probably the only thing that you care is that your form doesn’t work. But I have another problem. MY DOMAINS ARE BLOCKED.

What do I have to do to get them unblocked. I don’t have all the time of the world to work for you. YOU have to do the work.

“You” meaning the company.

Why, is it so hard? Plase tell me, do you need access to the domain’s files? I can give you. Or anything else. I am just looking for a solution.

So now that a dev will fix that tell them also about the small glitxh on the search bar.

The team issued a fix earlier today, are you still seeing this issue @a.vlachos?