Cloudflare Radar needs an option to correct miscategorization was mis-categorized by “someone”.

We, as the community, need a way to report this.

The Cloudflare Radar site needs an option to report that a domain is mis-categorized. At present, it only allows to “add to” the categories, not report that one or more of the current categories are incorrect.

Using the normal “Domain Categorization Feedback” should accomplish this. Direct link for that domain:
As it says

Are you using Cloudflare Radar, Gateway, or for Families and see a domain that you believe is miscategorized? Please tell us using this form to bring it to our attention. We review these submissions to improve Cloudflare’s categorization.

My understanding is that any new categories you pick are suggested in replacement of the current categories. That’s one of the points of the feedback, as it says.

For what it’s worth, it may not have been a person, but just one of their “data sources” / automated

Cloudflare uses a variety of data sources to categorize domains. Using Cloudflare Radar, you can view the content categories associated with a given domain. Cloudflare customers using Cloudflare Gateway or for Families can decide to block certain categories, like “Adult Content”, in addition to security threats like malware and phishing.

It is unfortunate that it got blocked, but my understanding is if they are using it for subdomains, they should really submit to get it added to the Public Suffix List (PSL) which browsers and Cloudflare use for security and other purposes to identify each subdomain as a distinct website/operator.


@Chaika - thanks so much for the advice and information as I learn to navigate Cloudflare. I think the for Families is great, if it can be reliable!

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