Cloudflare R2 is slow


I did some tests on restoring databases and files via comet backup. I tested storJ, amazon s3, cloudflare R2 and hetzner storage box.

StorJ was the slowest, but Cloudflare R2 was not particularly fast either.
This is a restore, everything else is exactly the same, expect the restore bucket:

StorJ 7:29
Cloudflare R2 03:07
Hetzner box 1:17
Amazon s3: 1:09

To validate, I also restored a very large website with millions of files, and the results were matching to the above, the ratios were the same give or take.

Νο other s3 compatible matched the speed of amazon s3 (also tried backblaze but didn’t keep the results, it was also slow-ish).

I’m surprised because it’s a very large difference, and Cloudflare is not known for providing low-quality services.



I insisted on a migration from S3 to R2, I migrated and I’ve been having instabilities for about a year and now I’m being forced to migrate back to S3. It’s an old problem, today I happened to look again to see if there is a solution and apparently not.

R2 is only cheap, it cannot be compared to S3 in terms of latency. It could be for infrequent use, glacier, etc.

Cloudflare really doesn’t have a history of launching bad products, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

I have been watching Cloudflare almost from the early days.
The last years they have launched many new products. It makes sense that they didn’t keep the quality. It’s a quantity vs quality thing.

It’s a shame with R2 though.
With so many S3 alternatives (Mega is launching soon) they should be having a kick-■■■ product to complete, and they don’t.

It’s cheaper than amazon s3, but it’s not that cheap.