Cloudflare R2 fair-usage limits

How many ListObjectsV2Command requests am I allowed to make to R2?

I couldn’t find anything in the Limits section of the R2, so I’m guessing “Unlimited but don’t abuse it”? Is hundreds of req/sec ok? Thousands? As many as a single machine can send? Or much more and Cloudflare doesn’t care about millions of req/sec?

As many as you can afford? You get 1 million Class A Operations for free every month.

I don’t know many orgs that would spend $4.50/second ($11 Million/month) on R2, but I’m sure Cloudflare would love to meet them.

What is your actual requirement?

For reference, here are the published limits:

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Thanks for the answer. Wasn’t 100% sure if Class A operations also include ListObjectsV2.

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