Cloudflare r2 added value is always null

Hi all …

I’m trying r2 database for ecommerce app ( just testing )

FrontEnd code for creating a new product:

  const newData = new FormData()
  newData.append('image', image) //  image.png not base64 format
  newData.append('name', name)
  newData.append('tag', tag)
  newData.append('quantity', quantity)
  newData.append('price', price)
  newData.append('status', status)

  const res = await"?method=addProduct", newData);

in my worker I’m create an id ( for product and also as a key for R2 storage)
then append it to data

const newData = await request.formData()
newData.append('id', id)
await database.put(id, newData)

the Object added with key, etag, uploaded …etc but size is always 0 byte and no body

so how to save the product ( with best practice ) in database ?

thanks for all …