Cloudflare quick tunnel works but named tunnel doesn't

Hi I’ve service running on localhost:8080 which is live.
I’ve a quick tunnel which is also working fine.
./cloudflared --url http://localhost:8080. It shows Bad request, this is expected behavior.

But named tunnel doesn’t work

My named tunnel is managed via Cloudflare UI and not via config file. I run it with
./cloudflared tunnel run --token xyz

I’m not currently running it as a service, as it’s from a termux (android) process. My binary is custom built for android as suggested by kai here

The settings in the Public Hostname page reads
Public Hostname
Subdomain : amz

Type: HTTP
URL: localhost:8080

DNS is configured via CNAME and the tunnel is marked healthy but times out if we try to access or

My DNS resolution looks fine
~ ❯ nslookup
Server: 2409:40e0:103c:b4d::38
Address: 2409:40e0:103c:b4d::38#53
Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =

Both processes are currently running so you can browse over to

  1. Named tunnel at
  2. Quick tunnel at
    to see the difference

The CNAME DNS record pointing at the tunnel has to be proxied. Proxy it, wait for DNS Propagation, and try again.

I created the record with the command ./cloudflared tunnel route dns cobalt, here cobalt is the tunnel name.
It is orange-clouded (proxied)

This issue (quick tunnel working but not named tunnel) is persistent across my mac as well as the android device which is the focus of this thread.

It has been quite some time, I’m trying this on and off for three days, and it still isn’t resolving.

If you navigate to your cloudflare website/zone , go to DNS Records, find amz, click “Edit”, and turn on proxy. It’s either not proxied, or something has gone horribly wrong. A screenshot would help.
If it was proxied, you would see Cloudflare IPs returned in A/AAAA records, and not the CNAME returned. The subdomains are virtual, only Cloudflare internally can resolve them via proxy, hence why you get an error connecting.

If it is proxied, perhaps you have the zone in two accounts or something? The overview page should tell you if it’s active or not, and at the bottom of the DNS Records page, it tells you which nameservers to use.

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