Cloudflare Quick Setup

Hi, I am trying to set up CloudFlare CDN on and we already have SSL, HTTPS settings for years. I am also using WPRocket. My question is with the quick setup process, I set it up like this,

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: [OFF]
Always use HTTPS: [OFF]
Auto Minify: [NONE]
Brotli: [OFF]

Does it look good?

I’d turn the HTTPS and Brotli options on. The minify one is up to you. WP Rocket can probably do this for you, so it’s your choice which system you use for minification.

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Thank you. You also said HTTPS which one you mean ‘‘Automatic HTTPS Rewrites’’ or Always use ‘‘HTTPS’’ or both?

Always use HTTPS should be ON, it redirects all HTTP requests to HTTPS at the edge.

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites is probably of little use in your case.

The other setting you will need to set is the SSL Mode. As you have working and valid SSL on your origin, set this to Full Strict.


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