Cloudflare public DNS breaks internet/network adapter

This is NOT about my website which runs fine.

This is about Cloudflare public dns for general web surfing using Windows 10 laptop, Netgear router, Qualcomm wifi adapter.

When I set my dns to the CF dns addresses on the router, and reboot, invariably my internet connection to the laptop breaks, there is no connection. The first symptom is I must re-sign in to the wifi radio.

That way gives me lan access. However no wan access.

When I re-enter my ISP default dns on the router settings, I still must again sign in to get wifi, but ALSO uninstall and reinstall the wifi adapter from Device Manager.

I have been through his several times now and the same thing happens. Looking back, I was also getting some very weird " [Self2WAN ICMP type b Detected!] " error messages on the router log. But, that was variable.

Anyway, if you find CF DNS is breaking the internet for you, I would suggest going back to your ISP DNS in router settings, and if necessary uninstalling your network card in device manager, then restart to see if that fixes it. Also, you will probably lose the automatic sign in and have to sign in again.

I suppose it’s possible my ISP is hacking CF DNS. That might explain some of this problem, too. Spectrum.

I can’t use CF DNS for the reasons noted.

Worst case, all you should need to do is run the following from the command prompt after changing DNS setting on the router.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
Ipconfig /renew

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