Hello, i change ip and im waitning 48h but still cf dns doesent reslove new ns and domain… my domain is .com… when i flush dns over cf he start to work and he work like 1 hour and again he go to DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN…

Your nameservers do not point to Cloudflare in the first place.

im using my nameservers im talking about public dns and…, ppl cant reach my website

You should recategorise your posting then.

Oh sorry i didnt know where to post… can admin move post in right place or i need to post again somewhere?

i did a dig and i see that in Cloudflare public dns i dont have ip adress

Hi @bubobih, I moved your post. If it’s been 48 hours since you changed your name server names with your registrar, I’d contact them again to verify it’s in process. It usually takes 24 hours to see the change.

ok thank u very much… i just change dedi machine (ip) server and nameservers are all transvered to new machine, old machine is terminated so if cf point to old ip it whoud not work…

Isnt the issue about a general site not resolving on Cloudflare’s public DNS instead of a site on Cloudflare itself?

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ah, yes, my typing got ahead of my reading!

So any news about my problem?

3 days website doesent work on cf public dns… When i flush cache of my ns1 and ns2 on cf website he work for 1 hour than again he dont work. Can someone help me?


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