Cloudflare PTR record?

The person in control of my IPv6 address has added an NS record to Cloudflare’s nameservers on my set of routed IPs so that I can set up reverse DNS. I have confirmed that the NS record is set up properly using dig

> dig PTR 
// CUT
// CUT

I have also added a PTR record in Cloudflare’s web interface

With this, I would expect if I lookup the PTR record on Cloudflare’s nameservers it returns my domain name. However there is nothing in the ANSWER SECTION when I do a dig request

> dig PTR
// No ANSWER section

How can I get my PTR record setup correctly?

Well, the record is there.

$ dig +short PTR

However it’s for and not, because you configured it for your domain.

Are you on an Enterprise plan? If not, you cannot configure that in the first place -

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