Cloudflare Proxy Wrong Country Routing

Hello. I have DigitalOcean droplets in SG (Singapore). I use Cloudflare for my API gateway URL ( I also enabled Cloudflare Proxy (best practice to hide my Droplet’s IP address). I’m in a FREE plan.

I notice that the Cloudflare Proxy IP is in USA. This is the primary reason why the latency of my API is huge (~60ms for direct DO droplet; ~500ms with Cloudflare Proxy). I want to serve the best minimal latency to improve response time. Does Cloudflare, by default, really route you to USA datacenter when proxy is enabled?

That’s because Cloudflare us a US company, so all registered IP addresses, regardless of datacenter location, will appear as US. Not only that, but Cloudflare uses the Anycast network, so your site will have the same IP address globally.

However, if you use, you’ll see which country your site is actually routed to.

Thank you for the response. But how come that with Cloudflare Proxy, my latency is huge compared to when disabling it.

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