Cloudflare proxy server is blocked

Hi everyone. Since yesterday, I have faced the problem that users from the Russian Federation have stopped accessing the (this subdomain was proxied through cloudflare) and the only option for this to work was either to use a VPN from another country, or to switch the subdomain to DNS-only mode. This option does not suit me and due to a number of technical limitations, I need to use the proxying mode. Please tell me, is there anybody to change the server through which the proxying will take place? Probably, the supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation wanted to block some resource on the territory of their country, but since cloudflare was connected to the resource they were interested in, they blocked the ip address of the proxy server, and not the server itself with the banned site (therefore, I suspect that not only I should have faced a similar problem). I will be grateful for any help

There have been a number of reports of issues in Russa.

Cloudflare won’t change IPs to work around a country block. That would just be whack-a-mole.

There was this thread, not verified or confirmed, but something you could check out to see if it works for you…

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