Cloudflare Proxy returns Blank screen


I am hosting a react app for the front end of my website. When I enable Cloudflare proxy it returns a blank screen.
When I disable Cloudflare proxy I can view the content the react app.
I am using let’s encrypt certificate for SSL.
What can I do to fix the issue?

Works for me actually, except for the fact that it throws an “Unhandled Rejection (SecurityError): The operation is insecure.” error.

I still am unable to access the website once the proxy is enabled. I have Nginx reverse proxy enable on my server. Could it be because of that ?

Unable to access can mean a lot. What exactly does not work? Post a screenshot.

As mentioned, the site does load. It briefly shows a logon screen, to then switch to an error screen.

I get a blank screen. It does not throw any error for me. When I disable the proxy I can see the login page and it works well.

Can you try a different browser? Chrome is quite bad for debugging that as it obfuscates the actual URL.

I get the following

Just checked the address, it is not proxied right now.

When proxying however it seems it throws the following JavaScript error

SyntaxError: identifier starts immediately after numeric literal

Try purging your Cloudflare cache.

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