Cloudflare Proxy Returning NGINX default page

I have a domain ( which is behind Cloudflare proxy. Recently, instead of showing my website, it started showing the NGINX default page. This is definitely not my web server as I use apache2 only. When i disable proxy and the change propagates, I can access my webpage as normal. If i head directly to the IP of my webserver, i also get my normal webpage (despite the SSL errors, of course). I feel like this is a Cloudflare issue but as I have a free plan there is no way to contact them about this at all.
I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had an experience with this and if anyone knows what to do.
Additionally, if a Cloudflare staff member themself could advise me on this i would be more than grateful.


Can you share a screen shot of the Nginx page you are seeing?

Here you go.
I have re-enabled the proxy so the issue can be reproduced.

This is certainly not coming from Cloudflare. The CF-Cache-Status: Dynamic says it was fetched from your origin.

Check with your hosting provider if they have any firewall or reverse proxy that could be generating this page. Your origin will only see Cloudflare IPs, and you must make sure that CF IPs are not being rate limited in any way.

Though this error is not appearing on your pages, the instructions on this link: 522 may help you find a solution.

Thanks for your response.

I can definitely confirm that there is no other equipment on my end interfering with this response - I have made sure nothing on my network runs nginx at all. The network structure is as follows:

Client > Cloudflare > ISP > Router > WebServer

When I disable Cloudflare proxy, the DNS points straight to the router and the website works as expected. This causes me to believe it MUST be something happening with Cloudflare, as this is the only thing i’m adding in front of the successful connection to cause the issue.

Additionally, I have checked my web server as well as router logs and when proxy is enabled, Cloudflare is not pulling any content from my origin server.

I know it sounds unusual but I am confident it can’t be anything on my end - it was working finr weeks ago and I haven’t reconfigured my network since!


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