Cloudflare proxy remote address returns HTTP 500

I have a web application that is hosted on a server. From the browser console, I can see requests being made for resources (javascript, css etc.) on the server. Certain requests return HTTP 500 error when it comes from a specific remote address. Attached image below.


When the request comes from, it is successful.

I have also whitelisted the IPs listed here IP Ranges

Any ideas what is causing this issue or how to fix it?

Do those certain requests from the specific remote address always return a 500? And are other requests from the same specific remote address always getting through?

A 500 is something at your provider’s end that’s not letting the request through. Sometimes it’s a firewall upstream from your account.

Yes, they always return 500 error for that specific resource (a javascript file) from that specific remote address. Other requests for different javascript files from the same remote address are successful.

Since it’s reproducible, open a Support Ticket. I’m sure they’d love to figure out this inconsistency: Login & go to

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