Cloudflare proxy redirections fails

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is displayed when the cloudflare proxy is activated. When the proxy is turned off, it redirects correctly, as the record A specifies. However it is important for it to be redirected because of the certificate and the full (strict) encryption option.

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  1. Domain name:, originally registered at OVH, has updated cloudflare nameservers.

  2. Expected result: succesfully make a GET request at, when executed via browser: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, or sometimes the request times out, or ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. The server is accesible via the external IPv4 and is up at all times.

  3. I have tried with different domains, different encryption models, different records, proxied, unproxied requests. The most common advice from community was to ‘wait’ but after more than 48 hours no changes are visible.

  4. Here is the GET request when the domain is unproxied (Thunder client):

  5. When port number is excluded from the URL:
    Error code 522

You can’t use the proxy with port 5001 (unless you use Cloudflare Spectrum, requires Enterprise plan)…

You can either change to a port used by the proxy, or create a subdomain (say using port 443 as usual, and tell Cloudflare to connect to your server on port 5001 using origin rules…

Or stick with “DNS only” and not use the proxy.

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You also have no hostname configured at your zone apex. That is why you received the error

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