Cloudflare Proxy ON = Site hosted on NixiHost will not work

Hi all,
My Domain name in on Cloudflare. I have A and WWW records set up with the IP of my host (Nixihost) and it works fine as long as the Cloudflare proxy is disabled.

I would like to find a way to make it work with the proxy on for better security. Can anyone help me with making this happen? ?Thanks!

Guess I went overboard in blocking out text. The domain is Thanks.

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What does “will not work” mean? Are you seeing any error message? Have you used the Community :search: search to look for the error?

Thanks for adding the domain name. I show it is currently :orange: Proxied and the loads fine for me at both the apex name and www where it redirects to the apex without issue.

Yes I was getting an error message. I re-enabled the proxy in order to get a screenshot of the error but now it seems to be loading fine. So weird. Maybe it hasn’t propagated?

I will keep an eye on it and if it gives me the error will post it here.

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