Cloudflare proxy not working

I have my DNS records set with the orange cloud for DNS & HTTP proxy. When I perform a nslookup then it points to something that is my destination IP, which it should not do. However, when I try and connect to my website, I can and it shows that I have an SSL cert that is issued by Cloudflare. However, my logs on the destination server show my IP and not one from Cloudflare’s list.

I don’t know if that is what is suppose to happen or if I am missing something.

Can you see if both the root (your domain and the subdomain www are orange clouded? Might be just one or the other grey clouded.

Everything is orange clouded.

For starters: what’s the domain? We don’t have access to your account. If you don’t want doch make it public, no problem. But be as verbose ad possible.

You access.log? That would be OK, as long as you’re restoring visitor IPs on your server.

About the different results with nslookup and your browser: is it possible that you are using different nameservers? Such as, or those provided by your router, for your system and Firefox with DOH. That could indicate a cached entry. Try

ipconfig /flushdns

on Windows.

That was my issue. I completely forgot that I had set it up to restore visitor IPs. Once I changed my config, it showed Cloudflare’s ips.
Thank you

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