Cloudflare proxy issue with www

Hi, we tried everything but for some reason the domain www_emercify_com is linked to clickfunnels_com even if we remove all records, wait hours and reset everything it is pointing to clickfunnels_com, when I remove the Cloudflare proxy (orange cloud) then it is NOT directing to clickfunnels. Can you check what is going on?

Sounds like a Cloudflare for SaaS provider issue, check out this tutorial for more information and help:


thanks i will try this.

Hi @corne2 did the liberate the hostname process work for you? If not, clickfunnels can also/should do this. Have you asked clickfunnels to remove the records? If they seem unaware/unable, Support can assist on the ticket you have active 2533193

Hi @cloonan I contacted Clickfunnels but they don’t know how to do it. So they escalated it to another team. But this takes time, maybe a few days or weeks. I don’t want to lose my SEO positions so I’m looking for solutions within 72 hours.

So far nothing worked.

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Did you try the liberate the hostname process? I know there were some issues recently but that is typically the fastest path to resolution. In the meantime, I have also flagged your post here for the attention of my colleagues in Support.

Really sorry for that, we hear that feedback way too frequently and are working to make this an easier process because of that.

Thanks for flagging!

I tried to use the tool from Albert, but I have the feeling the website does not respond on any input. Are there other methods/tools to liberate the hostname?

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Hey! Yes, the tool is currently broken due to an unforeseen account limit. I am working on having the limit removed so hopefully the tool can start working again soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


@albert thanks for your quick response!

Clickfunnels the SAAS software fixed it today. I’m happy! Thanks for all your support, hopefully in the near future their will be a button in CF to fix this :slight_smile:


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