Cloudflare proxy is unreachable

Hey guys,

website parked on ips which are unreachable for most of clients from Ukraine. I can’t disable proxy because we need DDoS protection and other Cloudflare features. How can we solve this?


Thank you for asking.

It might in case where, it could be something from your location or related to the ISP. I remember there were lately topics where sometimes local ISPs have had trouble opening a Cloudflare Website where the IP starts with 188.x → from Egypt or some other country, as I remember.

However, currently neither I cannot open your website from :croatia: via :austria: :thinking:

UPDATE: I got 524 error presented after a bit longer time. I could think of if it could have to do something with reachability and possible Internet disruption in this region at the moment :thinking:

More about those events in past 3-6 hours can be read at Cloudflare Radar via Twitter:

Cloudflare Status page no incident so far yet:

Otherwise, kindly see steps for troubleshooting from the article below:

524 error was because I plugged wrong ipv6 ips. I removed them, but had to disable proxy because site have to be up.
Hosting itself is in Europe so I am pretty much sure that it’s up.
In short, I and website’s customers can’t just reach ips mentioned in subject. I read similar articles and seems to be Cloudflare’s issue - I can’t just say to every site visitor contact their ISP to diagnose and solve it :frowning:

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