Cloudflare proxy IP getting blacklisted by Spamhaus

We have a web domain proxied through CLoudflare. So no email should be coming from this IP. However, the cloudflare IP is currently blacklisted on Spamhauds and CBL.

How can this happen, my email goes direct from the server IP which is different from the Cloudflare proxy IP?

For whatever dumb reason, some email blacklists look at, of all things, shared IP addresses of websites. Try contacting Spamhaus and CBL and see if they can remove your domain from their blacklist.

Are you saying that Cloudflare share their proxy IPs with multiple domains?

Correct. You can’t get a dedicated IP address unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan.

Thats news, but these proxy IPs are only meant to dish up web content aren’t they? I see that Cloudflare says the proxy IPs o not do any outbound email.

Exactly, which is why it’s unfortunate that blocklists judge your email by looking at website shared IP addresses.

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