Cloudflare proxy for non-Cloudflare DNS sites

We offer a cloud-based CRM / CMS solution, which allows clients to utilise their own domain. Our platform is hosted within AWS behind an Elastic Load Balancer, with an endpoint accepting requests on port 443/80.

The Elastic Load Balancer has an AWS issued public certificate for the endpoint and within the platform we have the appropriate code to match off the requested domain in order to display the required site content.

We’re wanting to utilise Cloudflare and it’s protections for our load balanced endpoint.

We generally deal with clients from two setups:

  1. The clients utilise CloudFlare for their DNS and provide us with authority during the on-boarding process. We setup the Cloudflare DNS within our account and thus could enable the load balancer to be proxied as Cloudflare allows proxying between domains as long as they’re within the same account.

  2. Clients maintain their own DNS outside of Cloudflare and setup a CNAME record to our endpoint. Therefore, we’re unable to proxy our load balanced endpoint via Cloudflare due to limitations of the domain not being utilised on Cloudflare’s service. The client domains on this setup could be either a subdomain or the root domain of their brand itself.

I’m wondering if there are any Cloudflare solutions available or any recommendations, which would allow us to achieve the implementation of point two?

Point 2 would be a CNAME setup in a Business or Enterprise plan. Though RFC 1035 doesn’t allow for a root domain to be a CNAME.

SSL for SaaS · Cloudflare SSL docs

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