Cloudflare Proxy down?

Hello, since today (2pm) all my websites, which use the Cloudflare Proxy are not reachable anymore. I tried deactivating the proxy but I then get an SSL error (I use a Cloudflare SSL certificate).
Are there any problems with the Proxys? Every website that doesn’t use it works perfectly fine, even when running on the same server. I can also ping the website but can’t reach it. I get the error code 524.

Is there a way I can fix this? Is happened without me changing anything.

Hello there,

It seems to be the problem at the origin server. Probably overloaded. You can contact the hosting provider for the details. Alongside, check this #CommunityTip

Read the article as well:

Hello, my server has no problems. Like I said, after I disable the Cloudflare proxy, everything works just fine (except an SSL error, but it seems to be normal when using an Cloudflare ssl certificate). Also websites who dont use the Cloudflare ssl certificate / proxy work just fine too.

Here in this case your web server is not replying to the request sent. So, this is the output.
Please read the #CommunityTip added above.

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