Cloudflare proxy doesn't forward a compatible port

I set up a https port on my server 8443. This port is supported by cloudflare proxy by default according to the documentation But in reality it doesn’t work! When I turn my websites’ proxy on only ports 80 and 443 work well. But it doesn’t forward any requests to the port 8443 and I get an errror 533 (timeout). When I turn the proxy off it everything works fine. What do I do wrong?

sorry. I get an error 522 (timeout). missclick…

If everything works when proxying is off, that would suggest you block Cloudflare.

Whats the hostname and would you feel comfortable sharing the IP address?

The hostname is ip is My server is not blocking Cloudflare as far as I know

Nothing seems to be responding on that port

my service wasn’t set as default on the server. now I set it but nothining has changed

It still is not accessible.

The point is that your server is not accessible and hence Cloudflare cant access it either. ->

You need to get your service running and make sure it does not block Cloudflare.

What response should be there? As I see, nothing has to be working at this url sins the certificate is not valid for such an address. It is valid only for a hostname

Your site’s, for example :man_shrugging:t2:

I am not sure what the second part of your posting was. As long as there is no response from that IP address, your site obviously cannot work. If it is working locally for you, you might have a firewall in place.

Make sure returns a “green” response and at that point your site should be accessible and work for Cloudflare too.

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