Cloudflare Proxy DNS not working

Cloudflare Proxy DNS is not working when I select the Orange Cloud but when I disable (Gray cloud), it seems to work fine. I have allowed all traffic through to my firewall
any ideas?

Very detailed description :wink:

As it makes sense:) when the orange cloud is selected, the page does not load, but when gray selector is selected page loads

any ideas?

You should provide more info, with that explanation anything can be a solution. What kind of error do you see? Do you have a valid certificate on your server (if the issue is SSL related)? What is your domain?

“Does not load” isnt any better than “not working”. If you want help you need to explain what error you experience and provide as many details as you can. Nobody is on the forum to join a round of happy guessing :wink:

Sandro Leader - tell me what you need exactly - if something is not working, I can’t say its working, Can i?

Well the domain and a screenshot for starters wouldnt be a bad idea.

Valid question!

Yes the certificate is valid and seems to load without when Proxying through Cloudflare network - it simply won’t load (Tried on Safari and Internet Explorer) when it goes through cloud flare network. when i do a nslookup, I see the public DNS IP of Cloudflare. How does it route Cloudflare route it?

its a public forum so wasn’t sure if I can post URL, can i?

You can.

It would really help knowing the domain as the explanation is a bit vague.

I am proxying through Cloudflare Network (Orange Cloud Selector)

Please try now, I can then disable the Proxy and you can see the result

I see the issue immediately. You are doing a request to port 8089 which is not supported through Cloudflare.

You are sending a redirect to port 8089 and that doesnt not work. You need to remove that redirect.

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sorry should have been specific


By the way how do you know it was 8089?

Port 93 wont work either. You can only use the ports supported by Cloudflare

It’s in the request. It creates a request to which hangs since Cloudflare’s IPs don’t accept traffic on that port, as @sandro said.

Excellent! Thank you

I didn’t realise Cloudflare have certain ports - would you know why?

Also, is their any security issue between using 93 and port 8443?

but how did you know it uses 8089? did you just type in and took you to default of

the same thing does not happen when you use right?

Thats a question for Cloudflare. Technically it might be possible but I guess they limit it for administrative or security reasons.

Not really. Well, some people might argue every port below 1024 on a Unix system is more secure, but that could be a long discussion :slight_smile: