Cloudflare Proxy DNS Not Updating when switching from CNAM to A Record


I had a couple of records in which I had proxied CNAME records. I deleted the CNAME records (since you can’t switch record types) and added A Records (Proxied). The internal Cloudflare records never switched. The site is still going to the old CNAME site. I toggled the Proxy and when the proxy is off the site goes to the correct new A record but when I enable the proxy the site switches back to the the old CNAME site. When I do a public DNS search on the records they are pointing to cloudflare ips (when the proxy is on).
Not sure whats going on. Since Cloudflare doesn’t allow support for free plans (which in this case is stupid) I can’t get any help. I tried accessing the site on multiple computers (which has never accessed the site so I know the dns records are pulling fresh). I have cleared cache too but nothing seams to help. Any help would be great.

Did you point to a third-party platform before? If so, it could be that they were a Cloudflare Partner and that their configuration is still active. What’s the subdomain/record this is about?

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I guess DigitalOcean App Platform is a Cloudflare Partner. I didn’t want to remove the app from DigitalOcean until i know it was working on the new server. I removed the app and everything worked. I didn’t see any documentation or settings about Third Party Platforms overriding DNS Settings.

Thank you @TKlein for your suggestion

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