Cloudflare proxy - Create only one record

So I notice when proxying an A record it will create AAAA and A records for the domain

This is undesireable for what I want to accomplish, how can I disable this?

If I create an A record and proxy it I still only want that A record


If you’re on a paid plan, you can disable IPv6:


Only Enterprise. Pro and Business can’t pretend to be time travelers from 1997 any more.

If what you’re trying to accomplish is having your origin server be IPv4 only, you will still have that despite the AAAA record. Cloudflare won’t try to talk to you over IPv6 if you only put in an IPv4 address.

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What I’m trying to accomplish is exactly what I said, I want the proxy to only have the corresponding record

Use case? heres an example, say you want an ip echo something like this

<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP']; ?>

But you only want it to report ipv4 for and ipv6 for

Enterprise only for such a “feature” that really should be default behavior, hmm, okay

That’s probably not what @i40west meant. It’s probably a typo using a period instead of a comma. I could be wrong, but docs say Ent/Biz/Pro. I’ve not tried it. Only Enterprise can do it from the dashboard.

Nor should it be default behavior. There’s no good reason to prevent IPv6 users from reaching your site…

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Typically what a site like that will do is make two requests from client-side Javascript. If the end-user has IPv4 do an IPv4 request, and the same with IPv6.

This is not the place to insult people trying to help.

Funny how you guys can set the solution for me eh?

Hah, okay, to be clear to readers, I did not set that as a solution

I do it the way @99kimboslice is seeking to do it. Unlike many other domains I manage, the domain I do that with doesn’t use Cloudflare nameservers.

Delegating the ipv4 and ipv6 subdomains to another set of nameservers is how I would handle this if I wanted Cloudflare for everything else while retaining the ability to create A only and AAAA only records on on those specific names.

You can use Cloudflare nameservers, just don’t proxy the records.

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D’oh! Of course. That’s considerably easier. I was overthinking that. While I can think of situations where delegating is the right choice, it’s certainly overkill for this narrow scope.