Cloudflare Proxy Caching Issue

We rebuilt and launched a new website over a month ago, but the root A record is still caching/redirecting to the old site even though we updated the IP to point to our server. If we disable the proxy we lose the SSL Cert, but it does point to the correct website at that point. What’s odd is the subdomain (www) points to the same IP and works as expected even with the proxy enabled.

This site was on Cloudflare with another host before we picked them up so this appears to be a caching issue within Cloudflare that we are unable to clear on our end. Please advise.

The most likely scenario is that the old provider was using Cloudflare for SaaS, in which case the following tutorial will advise you on the situation and the resolution steps:

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When using Cloudflare, you still need to have a certificate on your origin site. Cloudflare Universal SSL only protects traffic between your visitors and the Cloudflare proxy. Please install either a valid public CA certificate or a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on your server. Note that Cloudflare Origin CA certificates are only recognized by Cloudflare and will trigger an Unknown CA warning in web browsers.

The following Community #tutorial has more detail on why it is important for the origin site to use a certificate.

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