Cloudflare Proxy Blocking Port 22


I use Serv-U for clients to send documents directly to my server (Azure). They can either send documentation via the web or through an FTP client such as FileZilla, WinSCP, etc. The clients use SFTP (port 22) to connect to the address we give them. We have the IP of the server setup to proxy through Cloudflare. Everything was working until today. I can turn the proxy off, and I can connect to the address via an FTP app without issue. However, when the proxy is on, I get a timeout error. There have been no changes to my environment, and I have ensured that Microsoft didn’t change anything in Azure.

Below is some additional information on records being used for this.

Clients use and the website works without issue. If I use the public IP, then I have no issues connecting.


Use Spectrum if you want to proxy SFTP/SSH traffic.

Cloudflare Spectrum · Cloudflare Spectrum docs

Create a Spectrum application using a CNAME record

You can also use Cloudflare Tunnels

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