Cloudflare Proxy + AWS Global Accelerator not working together

Hi guys,
I am using Cloudflare as DNS and I would like to connect it to a Global Accelerator endpoint in AWS. (Actually it is 2 endpoints, so it is 2 A records).
If the proxy is turned off, all the requests are served and everything is working fine.
As soon as I enable the proxy I get the following error: the website redirected you too many times.
I am using a https url. If I do a curl on that address I get: HTTP/2 301
Can you please help what can be the cause of this and how can I investigate further?

Without seeing the actual URL, it’s difficult to troubleshoot, but that could be an HTTP/S redirect loop because not everything is running on HTTPS.

Ohh, sorry I’ve missed the most important point…
So the URL is
Always Use HTTPS rule is turned on in Cloudflare and AWS GA is pointing to an Application Load Balancer where HTTP is redirected to HTTPS
Thanks for you help!

That’s weird. The redirect goes to HTTPS and a port number. I’ve not seen that before.

Is there a way to turn the redirect off from the AWS end? I don’t use Global Accelerator, but does it show any URLs with HTTP or HTTPS in its configuration? And anything with that port number on the end? That part is generally unnecessary.

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