Cloudflare proxy and X-Forwarded-Host header



Hi there,

I was wondering if Cloudflare sends to the proxied server the X-Forwarded-Host with the domain that originated the request. Or maybe it uses another header for the same purpose?

I looked on all the different headers sent and I couldn’t find it.

I hope someone can clarify this.

Thanks in advance,


There are two:

  • CF-Connecting-IP
  • X-Forwarded-For

Here’s the scoop:


Hi sdayman,

Thanks for replying, but both headers provides an IP, either the visitors or the cloudflare proxy.

What I need is the host that has been requested, like X-Forwarded-Host.

Thanks again,



I have a similar problem as well, where I need to get the host of the originating request.

Is this a feature that can be turned on with the service or is there no support for forwarding the host to the target?