Cloudflare proxied my domain to 3 IPs


I have one domain and 1 A record for it (in Cloudflare control panel)…the nameserver for that domain is set for Cloudflare…

that domain is proxied to use Cloudflare, however, it is using 3 different IPs or switching between them everywhile…

go to DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

is that correct?

Yes, this is normal.

Historically two A and two AAAA records were used, recently this has increased to three of each. It should make no difference whatsoever to your end users.

Can you please explain how is this possible? and why I dont see this with other websites using cloudflare, that it points to only 1 IP?

Also my hosting provider says there are few problems with cpanel due to that cloudflare is changing my IP regularly between 3 IPs…

And what if i want cloudflare to point to only 1 IP? there is only 1 A record for this domain.

Thank you in advance…

Once you :orange: your hostname, Cloudflare provide two or three IPs in the DNS responses.

I have never seen a Cloudflare proxied hostname with only one IP address. That is likely to be only possible on Enterprise plans.

Did your hosting provider say what the issue is? Having one or ten IPs in the DNS response should not matter, nor should the fact that they will change.

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