Cloudflare Proxied Issue

Hello Guys

I have a new site that i have rebuilt om laravel 8
Now when i enable proxied in Cloudflare THE login for users starts to not function. When you click login it it sign in it happends nothing.

When i use dns only it works. Something is not working through Cloudflare when enable proxied.

Any idea?

My site is

Best and thanks

Did you restore origin IPs on your webserver?
Are you using Nginx or Apache?


Thanks for the answer.

I have not restored anything more then untick proxy because THE issue appears when enableing this.

I was using openlitespeed at that Time but today i tried swap to apache and Still same thing.


Please read here how to restore original IPs:

You need to do this when turning on proxy (:orange:).


Alright i have installed what you mentioned but Proxy it works when you enable for Name -
When you enable for www It crashes my login. Something is not working as it should.

Any more ideas?


If you can provide an error from the console or the server and a link where we can test it, then one might look into it.


You mean like i send you My panel access and you check errors and test?


No, we dont do this here. You will have to provide the logs & errors related to this and we can check them for some hints, why this is happening.

Alright, Which logs is this usually applied to?
As the system is apache and laravel should i check laravel or apache?



I just saw one error when turn on Cloudflare Proxy.

production.ERROR: Undefined variable: applicationId (View:

Can this be the issue? Because without proxy its working
But it whant to use proxy to enable CDN and many other feauters and also get me a pro plan.

Actually check both, also check your browser console when trying to log in and see if there are logs aswell.


Issue is solved.
There was configuration problem in the Cloudflare the always https and edge certificate to full and rocket loader was On , that’s three configuration breaking the login functionality.

It works now :slight_smile:

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