Cloudflare proxied dns website uptime low

I have setup an uptime client for my server and uptime testing, Cloudflare dns proxied record shows a bit messed uptime but the dns records which are direct not proxied are giving 100%. as seen in picture below
All 3 records are on same server
MMZF Website is Cloudflare proxied
VPS US is not proxied directly points to server
Website US is not proxied directly points to server
vvcap 2022-02-01-12-58-01

Their test is probably being blocked. I suggest you try some other testing and check your Firewall Events Log to see if you can zero in on those blocked requests.

nope, nothing blocked.

Also Always Online feature does not work for me. when ever my server is down for maintenance or moving it instantly shutdown website proxied through Cloudflare. Can you help me with that?

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Try a few other test tools and see if they’re blocked:

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this website is blocking my entire country access, vpn also restricts. Can’t use this site… Can you help me with always online? even if server shutdowns Cloudflare keeps website active

And this is your website?

Can you please post a screenshot of the error message when it blocks your VPN connection?

i was talking about i tried another vpn service and it worked with this result

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