Cloudflare proxied cloudfront get error 526


I use cloudflare proxied cloudfront,

I have a domain name, I added a cname type dns record ‘A’ to this domain name.

The domain of cloudfront is: ‘B’, the ‘B’ can be accessed directly,

Cloudflare’s SSL TLS encryption mode is: Full

When I visit ‘A’, I got error 526,

Can you help me solve this problem?

You have a certificate issue on your server. Pause Cloudflare and make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare. Once that works Cloudflare will also work.

thank you for your reply:

As my original ticket said, my cloudfront can always be opened directly, but if cloudfront is proxied by cloudflare, then I will get error code 526.

I use cloudflare to proxy my other sites, such as aws s3 or ec2, and I get successful responses. But only when I use cloudflare to proxy my cloudfront, I get error code 526.

I think some configurations of my cloudfront may be wrong. Based on your experience, if I want to successfully let cloudfront be proxied by cloudflare, how should I configure it?

Your site needs to load fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare. Did you pause Cloudflare?

yes,I have pause Cloudflare and my website working fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare。 :sob:

Can you post the domain?

my cloudflare cname type record is :

my cloudfront domain is :

The original link example is:

The proxied links example is

Ehm, I am afraid does not load on HTTPS.

As mentioned, you need to get that to work first.

This is my ssl/tls configration:

Does not load on HTTPS?

  1. It should be Full Strict, right now it is still insecure
  2. The issue is not Cloudflare related. As mentioned, your site itself does not work and you need to fix the server
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Thanks for your reply, this is really sad and as you said I will check my site.

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