Cloudflare provides DDoS Protection to Kiwi Farms ? (Hate Group/Neo-Nazis)


Why does Cloudflare provide DDoS protection to a notorious hate group forum site ( ? The website is breeding ground for INTERNET TERRORISM. The site’s owner is Joshua {redacted}, former 8chan employee, who was even too extreme for them was fired from the website for admission to watching child porn… Joshua {redacted} is a well-known/notorious Neo-Nazi & Pedophile.

DuckDuckGo has already black-listed results having anything to do with Moon and his site which Cloudflare does business with. Google, however, still allows results for both Moon and the Kiwi to appear (does Google have any morals/ethics)…

FBI should be looking actively investigating/looking into this, if they are not already…


As always, you can file a report at